Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Yesterday afternoon Apache freaked out and overloaded okcomputer. It didn't go down, but it was inaccessible for about half an hour.

We rebooted okcomputer a few times last night as Tim and I tried to sort out some issues with the new hard drives.

I will probably reboot it once more this evening (probably around 1900 MST) to install a new kernel that will speed up the disk access.

After that, okcomputer needs a newer, bigger, backup drive. It also needs to be moved within Tera-Byte's building at some point. We can probably combine those two into one reboot.

I'll post on this blog about future reboots so you guys will know what's going on.

Update: in the future, Apache will automatically be restarted if the load gets too high.

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andrew said...

Tim et al., thanks for being on top of all this. It is much appreciated. Let us know how we can send some cash your way for all these upgrades - Paypal....?