Saturday, December 2, 2006

web server now sort of working

I just got the web server working again. There's bound to be broken CGIs and things, but it's getting closer.

A few more bits of information:
- Our backup hard drive seems to be ok, so I don't think we lost any files.
- While we were offline, incoming mail should have been queued at the sender's ISP's mail server. Now that we're back online, it should get delivered so that nothing should wind up bouncing.
- Mailing lists are still offline, so they'll be bouncing for a while. I felt that normal email was important enough that it should come online before mailing lists work.
- Spam scanning isn't set up beyond some simple blacklisting, so you may notice more spam for a while.
- IMAP and webmail are still offline.
- I accidentally installed some incorrect packages and had to go back and downgrade/fix/remove them and install a different kernel, so we'll have to reboot later today to make sure everything still works.
- MySQL is working, but PostgreSQL is not.
- LDAP isn't set up, so services that rely on it (like the Antiflux wiki) won't authenticate
- I really want to thank Tera-Byte, who stepped up to the task and got us a new server, installed our backup drive, and got us back on our feet.

Feel free to leave comments here if you have any questions or notice anything else broken.

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